Free! Recovery Making Friends Throughout the UK

John with coffee in hand! On the table are copies of our material;
Tried and tested over many years and alongside many struggling brothers and sisters. We were in London, Manchester and Edinburgh at the Christianity Explored Conferences and shared with many people who saw the need to begin the same work in their churches and communities. A new report in the UK has placed the UK as the #1 capital for drug trafficking in Europe. Next steps, filming this material. Process is beginning very soon. Please pray for the funding necessary.

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” Galatians 5:1
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John and Sally Childress Missionaries with LIFOC

John and Sally Childress, Missionaries with LIFOC and Addiction workers with All Souls in the center of London.


Based in London, UK

We have now been working in London for 5 years and have a flourishing ministry in the centre of London, entirely by God’s grace.  People from over 20 church areas in London have been a part of Free!  in just the past six months and we have been in talks with ministries as far as Australia, USA and Russia together with many areas of the UK.  If you want to discover what Free! can do for you or your church  visit  We will be very happy to help you create a place for the addicted and struggling around you. We are committed to biblical and Christ-centred principles. 

John’s book: The Addict’s Choices: From depths of isolation to heights of true deliverance is available on Amazon. Sally is working alongside John, helping lead the seminars, and finishing her PhD studies in Biblical Counseling.

They are available to speak internationally, and have been based in Europe since August 2014.

  addicts choice

Check out what this one reader from England had to say:

“A gripping story of one man’s battle to overcome a lifetime of addiction. The good times and the bad times and the struggle to make the right choices.
If you or you know of anyone who is looking for a way out of making bad choices in life then this book is a great place to start.”

Listen to their own journeys with addictive behaviors. Please click on the podcast image to download. It takes about a minute to download.


Our 4-part seminar is receiving very good reviews and if you would like us to come and present the seminar at your group or church please contact us at

Check out John’s book: The Addict’s Choices. Available on and, look under John Wesley Childress

Join John and Sally on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and Linkdin


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The Challenges of a Busy Ministry Life


We pray for growth and success but are we prepared for it! I know that I wasn’t. I wasn’t prepared for the church communication issues, the time it took to do each little administration task, the people demand; ministry guests, leaders, volunteers. training, fundraising, networking, conferences, to name but a few of the tasks. Whew!! There is also the very real danger of pushing out the essential, the vital devotional, life-giving times with my Saviour. What voice shall I listen to? What choice am I going to make; Still and small, gentle and loving or do I allow the loud and clamouring to take over? Lord, help me to make the wise choice today. May I treasure you above all else.

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Four Years and Counting

This is how long we have been in London, UK doing this work, alongside the addicted.  This past year has gone by so quickly that I hadn’t realised that it has been a whole year since I have written anything new here.

  • We are moving into a new phase; an advisory board has been formed with our first meeting on September 6th.
  • We are still piloting the 10-week course material, going very well! Need more places to pilot the material.
  • Beginning a new Sexual Issue group for women.
  • Fundraising needs to kick into gear as we look into sustainability for the long haul and publication of the material.

So very glad you have written this course.  I can take something away each week and put it into practice. Thank You!!!

If I stay close to Jesus and His Word in prayer my choices are better and I am not nearly so pulled away into bad habits!

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Cast, crutches and London

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Life after Foot Operation, Week 7!! No one can really prepare you for weeks without walking!!  I have seen life from a completely different perspective.  It is amazing that a corrective foot surgery can lead to so much dependence.  Although … Continue reading

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I just don’t know how to get out of this cycle of guilt and shame!

We kicked off our present season of Recovery evenings yesterday with the new name, Free!!  I am sitting, the morning after, pondering the new and continuing relationships of the night before.  People need to talk, to get their story out and I listen to the pain, the struggles, the despair.  It is the first week and precious people long for a fresh start but how? Is there hope? Are they condemned to a life of slavery? Each one of these precious souls have at one time or another said yes to Christ, yet why are they still fighting and often defeated by the same behaviours, thought patterns, shame and guilt cycle. There is great hope! It may come in very subtle ways, a slow journey, in unexpected ways but it is there!  Having been leading support groups and meeting hurting individuals consistently over the past couple of years I am seeing breakthroughs, people are learning to make a fresh start in their thought life, in the avoidance of sin, in learning about the immense grace of our Lord.  People are learning that our Father truly does love them!  They are learning that the goal of our Saviour is not necessarily a comfortable life, pain has a purpose and, if we let it, it can grow us! These are participants who know severe pain, often inflicted by others.  I think of one of our delightful leaders, who shared that one day her father burnt all her college course notes and she had no possibility of continuing with that course and had to drop out.  Her father, in a warped sense of concern, thought his daughter was never going to make much of herself so why bother! How does a young woman learn godly attitudes in such a devastating circumstance, just one of many, sometimes brutal, exchanges with her father. Well, it took some time, going through cycles of drugs, alcohol and self-harm, cutting and eating. If that wasn’t enough, there is rape and the loss of two babies…..goes on and on.  She has and is learning to lean into the grace of our Saviour, often in physical pain. She spends her life reaching out in Him to those deeply struggling.

A Fresh start comes one step at a time, one choice at a time, one capture of a thought at a time.  2 Corinthians 10:5, “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”  That is basically every sinful thought pattern, as you are aware, and counteract each thought with the truth of Scripture.  Sometimes life gets so tough that this journey is so very difficult to do alone. Find a loving godly community and be challenged and loved in this way!!  I think of the panic attacks and the time I spent pondering and speaking out loud the truth of Scripture, 2 Timothy 1:7.  Not easy but God is in the business of fresh starts even if you find yourself doing that time and again throughout a single day!  That is grace.

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Modern Life, Diminishing Joy?

I am in the middle of a strenuous task! Pulling together a history of joy over a considerable period of time. This is not a cut and dry task.  What is joy?  Is joy a subset of happiness or is happiness a subset of joy? Should I study both? How do people define joy? Happiness? Why on earth is this significant? This is hopefully going to be a series of blogs as I pull together these thoughts. I am working on this alongside working in real life, with people struggling with some traumatic issues. This past week there was a painful outburst as I began to read the verse in James, “Count it all joy…..” Didn’t get any further, wasn’t able to unpack anything more. I do understand. BUT, it is in the Word of God and needs to be unpacked in the context of a complete study of Joy in the Old and New Testaments.  God does understand but He has the whole picture.  We are stuck in our own little worlds, sometimes of agonizing pain. A Yale study, ongoing, starting with a reflection on the joylessness of modern life, noted that this has possibly led to much dysfunction in life and it might have something to do with the fact that up to the beginning of the 20th century, joy was related and attached to a spiritual journey.  Thoughts?    

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Update from Latest Recovery Course

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Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors, Firstly thank you for your prayers for a good start to this Recovery Course. It has started well, we are now into our 4th week, having just completed the third session. We are now able … Continue reading

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Into the New Year…

Christmas is over for another year and John and I are regrouping for 2016. As I contemplate 2015, I have to simply say, God is good. No, life has not been perfect. I DEFINITELY have not lived perfectly. But that … Continue reading

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Maybe just once is enough!

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The Recovery Course has been going well this Fall, with over 50 people participating, and over 20 regulars.  The exciting thing is that even visiting one time can have an impact. Meet Dennis: Dennis came once, then disappeared.  It happens. … Continue reading

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