Is this possible? Choice or not?


It is in our relationships to one another, in our treatment of one another, that the true lowliness of mind and the humility of heart are to be seen.  Andrew Murray

I am reading about a topic that is not a very popular theme. I am not even sure it is ever really considered beyond a glimpse into Christ washing His disciple’s feet and possibly a brief look at relevant biblical passages. At least it is not a usual dinner table topic. Do we even want to ponder the subject? in this day and age of self-esteem, where “I” and “my rights” are so entrenched in this society?

As I am considering the subject of humility, I am also pondering whether humility is something we choose or is a real humility a heart issue, a transformation given only by God as we seek Him? Maybe the choice here is the choice to seek Him, maybe this is true humility; the choice to willingly surrender our wills…He does the rest. Best not think more than that…I might start thinking I have made it, that I understand humility….wrong!!! I’ve just demonstrated the opposite. What a proud assumption.

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  1. Sheryl Emra says:

    The surrender is the most difficult part for me. I had a bad couple of days with my attitude. I finally just lost it Sunday night. I choose to do something I knew in my heart I had been asked not to do. I choose to talk to my son Paul about something my husband John had asked me not to do. In defiance I did it anyway. It took me until last night, because I was very miserable, to be willing to even talk to the Lord about it. Even then it was challenging because I was so angry. It wasn’t until I realized that I couldn’t connect with the Lord because of my anger that I surrendered in frustration. As I did the Lord showed me where my anger was coming from. As He showed me I was able to see how much He loved me. As a result I was brought to tears as I humbly asked my husband to forgive me for my attitude and actions. (my choices) Humility came as a direct result of my choice to surrender.

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