2016/2017 Winter Campaign

imagesWinter CAMPAIGN      

John and I, Sally, have been working in the centre of London, UK for the past 2 years, establishing a ministry to those struggling with addictive behaviours. addictionWe have met so many tragic and really sad lives, where the pain is unimaginable. The behaviours we are experiencing are self-harming, a devastating response to suffering, eating disorders, alcoholism, gambling, Internet porn; just to name a few. We long to continue this work.  We have moved closer to town where our work is, where we can be more effective with our time and offer more of this time to the people, who need help. image We would love you to have a part in reaching out and sharing Christ’s love and freedom to those who have lost hope in this very intense and hurting world. We have been running the Recovery Course now for over two years, ministering to over 90 people.  We need to have the time and finance to begin to train more leaders and develop this ministry further.

Summer Gift Campaign

Summer Gift Campaign


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