A word from John

Glen Aubrey, the publisher, and John

Finally, at long last I was able to pick up the Addict’s Choices proof copy on Friday, Sally’s birthday, and of course we are all very excited!  We took pictures first thing, and then I (John) sat down to do the last proof read.  After reading the book…again…  I found only one mistake, and it is a tense error, so really not bad at all.  I have contacted my publisher (does that sound egotistical?) and he agrees that we should go to press!!  So, praise the Lord, the book will start being printed on Tuesday, April 16th!  Lord willing we should have copies for sale and distribution by April 25th! Thanks for your patience and prayers!

It has really been a effort, and both tiring and emotional for me as I remember those wilderness years of addiction and isolation.  Most of those times were terrible!  Specially those times when I wandered away from the Lord, who loves me so much…  I thank the Lord that He does pursue each of us, and that He will loose none of His!

There was so much more that I could have written, and for those who know me well, you will notice the absence of the time I was previously married.  I had to cut it for two reasons, space was one, the book is already 373 pages long, but more importantly there would have been very little chance that I would have received permission to use the stories.  It is sad that it could not be included, I learned so much from that time, and it was a time of much pain and misery reflecting the downside of addictive behavior.  Perhaps in future blogs we will share some of it.

Sally and I would like to thank you all for your prayers during the writing and editing process, without the Lord’s help, it would not have been written.  THANK YOU!

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2 Responses to A word from John

  1. Carol says:

    Congratulations, John! Can’t wait!

  2. Carol says:

    Happy Birthday, Sally! May you have many, many more!

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