Affection: Something powerful.

Today we have a guest blogger, the director of Life Is Full of Choices, John Emra.  He is talking about affection, one of the four Core Needs. When we truly receive affection from each other for who we are, we are modeling what Christ does, He loves us simply where we are.


Last week Sheryl and I were talking with a group in Huntington Beach at the Trailer Court where Tamara John, one of our associate missionaries, ministers.

We started off giving on overview of the Four Core Needs and how all people have these needs and how they affect our choices even as adults.

These 4 Core Needs are Affection, Boundaries, Consistency and Discipline.

It was amazing to watch that group of 12 hear those Core Needs, begin to process the affect of having this knowledge and then start to ask some questions.

One lady shared “I haven’t had respect for my husband in years.  How can I show him affection?” 

We talked about how affection is given for who we are while attention is given for what we do.  In that light she understood that she could begin to show affection to her husband even though she didn’t like what he was doing.

Another man was confused about differentiating between what we do and who we are so Tamara went around the circle and gave examples of what she appreciates about each person.  That was a very powerful time.  You could see the this had on each person in their posture and the look on their face.

We only got through the first of the Core Needs and will be going back this Saturday to look at the second – Boundaries.

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