An Emotional Journey

imageI have made a start on the proposal journey.  I am old school, so lots of pieces of paper covering the desk!  Feeling and studying emotions!! Please Pray.


I have embarked on the long journey of my dissertation research. While John and I were in London, we presented the Overcoming Addictive Behavior seminar that God had laid on our hearts and a participant wanted to really examine the relationship between emotions and addictive behavior and what part they have in the overcoming process and in the habit-formation in the first place. Since then we have added a complete new segment to our seminar on emotions and I have decided to research the subject on a deeper level, comparing secular models alongside biblical, and looking closely at how the Word of God treats the subject of emotions. I also want to do case studies here and in the UK finding out the actual experiences of those who have struggled with addictive habits, with an emphasis on how their emotional state played into their habit forming and later how much their emotions still play a part in how they make choices. Finally, what does the Word of God reveal to us, as believers, as to the significance of emotions in relationship to the mind. The little bits of yellow paper are my notes on some secular research and there are so many differing opinions….I will let you know snippets of my journey as I progress.

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  1. Carolina Jackson says:

    I am proud of your effort and of your heart for these people who can benefit from your love, wisdom and counsel. I would not be able to tackle those things. I admire you and John.

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