An Ordinary Life by Sheryl Emra


It hurts to see individuals I love have turmoil and pain in their lives

There are spectacular miracles like the parting of the red sea, the flood, Jesus feeding the 5 thousand, healing the sick, and his resurrection, but my favorite is what God does in the ordinary life today.

It hurts to see individuals I love have turmoil and pain in their lives.  I prayerfully isten to their story and ask God what He wants me to know about it.  Most of the time His response is for me to lift them to Him and watch what He will do.

The past week has been no different:  Listening, empathizing, and praying together about conflict and strife with people I care about.  Ordinary issues that we all face every day that can create pain and suffering.  The miracle is watching God bring transformation.

Ok, I know the word transformation is a buzzword.  Let me give you a concrete example: 

Person A doesn’t like behavior of person B.  There is an attempt by person A to stop person B from doing said behavior.  Then chaos happens; emotional out burst, hurt feelings, misunderstanding, pain and finally withdraw.

The transformation begins as both individuals are lifted up and prayed for, they in turn surrender, pray and connect with the Lord, listen to Him, and willingly hear what He has to say.

The transformation continues as God speaks truth and love.

The transformation is complete as they individually receive God’s truth and turn to each other and start over.

The result is the evidence of transformation:  Connection, creativity, problem solving, peace and joy.

Ordinary life with others can be our source of ordinary miracles.  What is your story this week?  How have you chosen to let God transform you?



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