Attitude! Choice :+)

I don’t know what happens to you when life gets hectic and all of a sudden there are 101 things to do? Well, I am not proud of this but I grow increasingly more impatient with those around me, I get snappy, restless and generally, I am told, not easy to be around. This happens especially when I have not bothered to connect with God, and have not anticipated the additional workload. Sally just pushes on regardless, Sally needs to simply slow down a bit and smell the roses.

Ok! What choices can I make when life gets overwhelming, like the pre-sales of my husband’s book, or new seminar engagements happening really quickly…

1. Connect with God….Great choice because this helps me STOP, ASSESS and START OVER in a more biblical direction. I start by sitting quietly, often listening to worship music, or picturing a peaceful really quiet place where God was real to me. and then I ask Him what He wants me to know. I wait and meditate on Him and His Word.
2. Begin to CAPTURE those stressful thoughts (2 Cor.10,5) sooner and replace them with biblical ones…I can do all things through CHRIST (Phil: 4,13)…is a great one to internalize and meditate upon.
3. REST…the older I get the realization is growing that if I want to last the long-haul in ministry I have to pace myself. I am not really good at this one!!

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