Back in Los Angeles

This was a place on the loneliest road, Highway 50 in Nevada.

Last week we drove through very quiet places, where when we jumped out of the truck we heard nothing but the wind, or our own breathing.  Now back in La it is quite the opposite; car alarms, freeway noise, sounds of the Tamale lady, fireworks and oompah music.  Quite a landing.  It will take some getting used to again.

On Monday pm we met with our friends at Jamestown Christian Fellowship recovery group.  They were excited to see us again.  We did a recap of our seminar.  It was a joy to see many of them incorporating some of the biblical principles we have taught them about choice and core needs,  The most significant was to hear how they are learning to connect with God throughout the day, stopping at any point and asking Him what He wants them to know about what they are going through.  One woman shared how she has been released from worry. One of the men shared that he prays with his wife throughout the day and what a difference it has made.

Now we would ask for your prayers for our next few weeks as we prepare for Europe; that all funding would come in, that a potential trip to Phoenix will only take place in God’s most perfect will, and that I can get the proposal for my PhD dissertation sent in.

Hopefully I can take the next 5 weeks in stride and that it will not be too amazingly crazy.

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