Blunders are Inevitable; how we handle them makes all the difference


I love skating. I feel for the skaters when they fall. I feel even more for those that mess up their whole performance because of their first mistake. This morning John and I woke to a rather large and disturbing challenge. We had some choices to make.

It doesn’t even matter what it was but one thing we did recognize was the fact that we had choices; were we going to let this one thing ruin our day? Were we going to seek Christ as to the solution or were we going to take matters into our own hands? How were we going to handle our emotions? Were we going to allow our behavior to be affected by our challenging situation? For example; was I going to overeat, be a pain to my husband or react in an ungodly fashion simply because life is uncomfortable? Were we going to take the biblical approach or is the wisdom of the Bible simply a suggestion?
This does not mean that John and I did not express our feelings to each other or that I did not chat to a friend about the issue. My emotions are still pretty strong but I hope and pray I am on the right path. The people who are struggling with their addictive habits are no different, their choices are very similar.

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