Cannot Get Through: This Book Might Help

Sometimes it is so hard to get through to someone for whatever reason. They know they are hurting themselves, you are so very aware of the damage, hurt and pain they are causing not only themselves but others. They might even be a Christian, still trapped in the grip of a lie: that says something like this,” I cannot live without this …..I have to keep on using……I don’t have a choice anymore…..I never had a choice, look at my parents, this is my fate…..” You might even be a pastor or a Christian worker wanting to come alongside, or even secretly struggling yourself…

John was called just over a year ago to come out of his secular job to focus on reaching those struggling with addictive issues. Since then we have met so many who are hurting so badly with things that have trapped them for years. John wrote this book to speak to those still struggling and to give those wanting to help, an idea of what it takes to come out of such a path. He worked hard to write this book and it is an incredibly transparent look at his own journey.

He adapted it to be used in group format as well as a private narrative.

Over just the last few weeks we have had these comments:

“I just couldn’t put this book down”

“I am so glad you wrote this from the perspective of some of the addictions you still struggled with as a Christian, I need this perspective to help my congregation.”

“I can see how this could be used in a group study format”

“I want to buy two this Christmas to give to friends I have.”

If you desire to buy this book for yourself or friends please contact us via e-mail: and we have a really special deal on at the moment because we simply want to get the message out there. $10.99 instead of $19:95 plus shipping.



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