Car and Train through France


This is John surrounded by our luggage and instruments at Lille Station, waiting for the train to London.

We had just had a very long day, which began by driving through the center of Reims. We visited the cathedral, a wonderful, intricate church structure where the former royalty would have been crowned. The stained glass windows were colorful and immensely beautiful, Chagal, with his blue representations of biblical themes was among my own favorites. After speeding along the French tollways we ended up in Lille trying to find a gas station in a very busy town. John and I managed to survive this challenge and eventually were able to relax on the way back to my brother’s in London.

Yesterday (Saturday) we were able to meet with ASLAN, a ministry to the homeless and vulnerable in the Westminster area of London. This was an awesome experience and both John and I had some amazing talks with the guests and volunteers over a delicious meal. We will be sharing more detail in future posts. Please pray for S…., a lady who shared deeply with me about her struggle with depression and her feeling of hopelessness. She shared also that she wished she could believe in God but she cannot “feel” Him so He can’t be there. John shared with a guy from Latvia, who was more interested in American politics than Christian faith. Please pray. The Bible study we attended was deeply encouraging as people freely shared.

We will be leaving on Wednesday for Hamburg so tomorrow will be spent getting ready for the next day of travel.

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