Choose to Pray

About two weeks ago, John mentioned that he truly wanted to dedicate some more time to prayer for our church, community and missions, including our own journey.  We had been praying before he left for work most days.  For the last two weeks, Monday to Friday,  we have been going to the sanctuary at our home church and praying for one hour from 8:30-9:30pm.  The first thing we have noticed is that it has not been difficult, except for a few yawns here and there.  One of the precious ladies in the church has joined us most evenings.  The second thing is that we are noticing that our hearts are filled with joy after we pray. Another thing is that we have noticed many things happening, in our own hearts and around us:  a focus to do what our Lord has called us to and some contacts coming out of the blue.  I, Sally, was selling a candle holder, something very simple, and from this contact there is the prospective of a connection with a brand new church in the area.  Let us clap our hands and praise our Lord today (Psalm 47).

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