The above picture is the summer house on the family farm in Switzerland. This is often where John “escaped” to play his guitar. Maybe “retreated” is a better word. We also spent much time here sharing and encouraging each other.

Sometimes how families communicate with each other may seem natural and normal within the family but when a newcomer enters……..

Sometimes hurts from way back, sometimes 25 years can resurface because one party had been hurt but did not say a word, so the other party has had no idea that there was, and still is, a problem.

Recently, I made a pact with someone that if either of us were hurt we needed to first speak about it with God, and then if it was important or significant enough we needed to choose to share it with each other.
In this case, this someone was scared that I was going to explode at her if she shared. 25 years ago I may have had the immaturity to react in that way. However, she did not give me the chance to show that I had changed. There was a tremendous fear here of confrontation and intense emotion.

We now have a great opportunity to grow and from this build a lasting friendship. A wonderful Choice.

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