Living in Community can be messy, fulfilling, downright hard, challenging and rewarding


John and I had the privilege of spending three days this last week on a kind of prayer discovery retreat.

It was good to stop, allow time to pray, allow time to listen. We were able to look back on our lives and see God’s amazing hand on our lives.
Day 3 was a focus on community. We heard a message by someone who lived in community most of his life. He was convinced that community grows out of a profound relationship with the Savior and this kind of community leads into effective, transformative ministry.

Community is not easy, it is difficult. It takes choosing to risk being vulnerable and allowing others to be vulnerable. It means that others will get in your space, they will confront and maybe you too will have to confront. To be molded into the likeness of Christ needs community.

The world is crying out for real community. It is fragmented and hurting. To minister out of this kind of community can offer so much to others.

Just food for thought.

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