In our Seminars we focus on four core needs and one of these needs is “Consistency.”


Many times, as we have presented our seminar,  people have been provoked by the theme of consistency. It seems so simple and yet is so difficult to place “consistently” in our lives.  The theme of consistency is found throughout the Bible.  Here are the thoughts of Oswald Chambers:

“When a person is newly born again, he seems inconsistent due to his unrelated emotions and the state of the external things or circumstances in his life. The apostle Paul had a strong and steady underlying consistency in his life. Consequently, he could let his external life change without internal distress because he was rooted and grounded in God. Most of us are not consistent spiritually because we are more concerned about being consistent externally. In the external expression of things, Paul lived in the basement, while his critics lived on the upper level. And these two levels do not begin to touch each other. But Paul’s consistency was down deep in the fundamentals. The great basis of his consistency was the agony of God in the redemption of the world, namely, the Cross of Christ.” Oswald Chambers in “My Utmost for His Highest.”

We all need help in this.  I need my consistent relationship with God to help me remain consistent.  Some of us, if not all of us, need the help of  others to keep us consistent in our walk, whatever place we are at.  Sometimes it is help with just placing even one consistent good habit into our life.




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