Cornerstone #1

Life is full of choices,
and the choices I make today
will determine the qualities of my life
both now and in the future.  John Emra
This cornerstone had its origin in East Los Angeles as two missionaries struggled to bridge the sizable gap between how the gang kids perceived life and how they perceived life.
These kids had no idea that they had a choice.  As for personal responsibility that was all but non-existent.  They were victims, it was their “fate” to join a gang.  That was what was done!
Jay was fighting with Izzie and this was totally against the “rules’ of the center and the pre-existent consequence was that they had to leave for the night.
John (missionary) pulled them apart and asked Jay, and then Izzie, “what choice are you making?” Of course the first reaction was to say “he did it….it was his fault…passing the blame.”  John was not interested in this.  He just kept asking the question over again, What choice are you making?”  He said this until one of the boys said, “I am choosing to go home.”
This is such an important but simple question.
It would be so great to ask ourselves the question before embarking on an unwise course of action.
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