Countdown to Europe

John and I are doing last minute “stuff” for our trip to Europe. We are trying to take the least amount of clothing etc. that we can possibly get away with, knowing that we will experience at least 3 seasons (6 months). We are truly looking forward to this trip but it is not completely planned. We have a framework but there is a lot of flexibility room. We just want to follow God in all we do. Please pray for our travel, we leave on Sunday at 9:30am from LAX, 90 minutes in JFK, then 7 hours across the pond to Heathrow, London.

Thoughts as I prepare:

Weakness is something that I am embracing this week as my back is giving me problems. I am having to pace myself and choose to do just what is important. I am choosing to not let this circumstance rob me of my joy; not easy when I feel there is so much to do. Just maybe God has a different path for me this week.

I am wondering about the road ahead. I can choose to become anxious about things that haven’t happened yet or I can surrender this path to God and learn to trust. Sometimes my prayer is literally; Please God make me willing and able to trust You in the midst of this circumstance.


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