Depression: An Overworked Brain


Today I was reading another BLOG page and had a AH HA moment.

Strangely this moment came from reading an article on depression and suicide.  Although I do not endorse the whole of this BLOG, it does have some very useful points, one of which led me to understand a journey that I have been on for a while.

I suffered with depression for over 20 years and now I am free from this condition.  I am experiencing more and more joy and contentment these day than ever before.

In my late 30’s I surrendered my depression to God and literally had to come to terms with the fact that I may always have to live with this debilitating dark condition.  As I surrendered the depression slowly started to lift.  Why was this the key?

Reading this article today, the writer was expressing an interesting point; in depression the brain is emotionally burnt – out and exhausted.  Taken to extremes, suicidal thoughts come when the only way out from this exhausted condition is to end it.  What is needed is to relax the brain.  This psychotherapist takes over the thought life of the client for a week or so to give the brain a rest and so new healthy thought patterns can begin to form.

Choosing to surrender the depression to God is handing over the depression to Him.  This brings rest to the brain and the negative thought patterns, a perfect rest.  God is now in control. Now true healing and transformed thoughts can occur.  Romans 12: 1,2.

As I was pondering this post, I came across another BLOG from a biblical perspective, confirming the importance of resting in God; letting Him take control.

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