Desert Gems

Just so good to escape from noise and bustle!image

As I was walking in the quietness on Saturday, I realized that I didn’t have a blazing headache, that I felt good in spite of being in the heat, nearly no shade and having walked almost two hours.

I am good about taking water with me but this last few weeks I had done something different; I had made sure that I had a good protein breakfast and drunk a whole bottle of water before walking as well as taking enough water with me. In other words, I had prepared my body to encounter possible stressors (circumstances) like heat, hunger and de-hydration.

This was the “gem” I had learned on this particular trip and it really was an analogy of our walk with God; We have no idea of stressors or circumstances that we might encounter on our life’s journey but I believe God was impressing on my heart that preparation was so very important. Our relationship with Him is a continual, daily, moment by moment walk and I mustn’t leave that up to chance! He wants to fill us up continuously! Lord, may I thirst and long after you.

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One Response to Desert Gems

  1. Marcia Schönke says:

    Dear Sally,
    You express the wonderful spiritual truths about our walk with God so well!
    We will come through the “desert walk” with God successfully if we prepare ourselves by keeping up with our quiet times, meditation and memorization of Scripture and strive to walk in the Spirit. God is a rewarder of those who seek him: Hebrews 11:6. God is so good!

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