Down to the Last Few weeks!! We are excited!

Conversation with homeless on church steps of All Souls

Taking time to share with a homeless person in the middle of London.

John and I are preparing for our move to England.  We are moving forward at the same time as waiting for John’s Visa to come through.  We are in Elk Grove, CA at the moment visiting friends and listening to many who are in difficult places in life.  Many are encouraging us on our journey. I love the spiritual talks we are having.  Sharing Jesus and hearing how He is leading and growing others is an amazing privilege.

Very recently, we were sitting with some Japanese friends;  we were talking about relationships.  I was able to share how happy I was with John and that he always shares how much he loves me  demonstrating this one way or another every day.  Well, a couple of days later we were at a concert given by one of my Japanese friends and she promoted our ministry and John’s book.  For one girl all she wanted to discuss was the love between John and me.  This demonstration of love is rare in Japan.  Sometimes,  God leads the most interesting discussions.

Please pray for God to place us together with the people He chooses before we leave the USA.  We are still trusting Him for all the funding. We know HE is our provider, our Rock and Sustainer.

May He lead many conversations with people in dark places, bringing freedom and helping the suffering addict and homeless begin to make godly choices. Especially to learn moment by moment reliance on Jesus regardless of sometimes very adverse circumstances.  Not easy!  Often needs much time and patience.

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