East Los Angeles

John and I are at home in East Los Angeles.  Even with the amazing sounds of this area: multiple, conflicting ice cream trucks,  pom pah tuba music, loud voices, car alarms, fireworks, and even the occasional gun shot…yes we feel “at home.”  John is writing his book and our first seminar on addictive behavior, which we will present for the first time in November.  He is also diligently working at his German via Rosetta Stone.  I have started learning Polish as I have a very close Polish friend in Germany, also brushing up on French and German.  I have set a goal to finish my reading and essay on  the philosophy of C.S. Lewis by the end of the year.  Wow I am now committed.  I have told all of you.  Our most important journey of all at the moment is one of prayer, simply drawing close to our Lord.  It is He, who will lead us and take us to where we need to go, when He desires, and do what He desires us to do.  Daily placing the control of our lives in His tender care is our most important work.

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  1. anne says:

    How is the German going John? I felt led to study German too this year and I’m also using the Rosetta Stone course. Its a good course!

  2. Marcia Schönke says:

    Hello Sally and John – Wow! You are going full speed ahead – I will pray for your seminar and for the languages.

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