Emotions: they can’t kill you but your reactions could!!!

On our last trip to London, someone asked us to expand our seminar to include a section on emotion. So we did!

Emotions are God-given, they help us grieve, they help us express the joys of life and life would be pretty dull without them.

However, if we listen to our emotions and make them the deciding track of our lives then we can surely get into a bunch of trouble.

“I FEEL sad” so I MUST make myself feel better by using, eating or doing any activity to help me escape from my sadness.

I so enjoy my friends and I “feel” like meeting them tonight, I just love what it feels like to drink and party. It really helps me escape and i just love the feeling of getting high.

I simply just don’t “feel” like going to Bible study tonight even though I am committed to a group of people and they are committed to me.

I just love what it “feels” like to play the slots…maybe I will win big tonight!

These are just a few of the many “choices” we can make if we run with our feelings.

Emotions/feelings can become pretty strong and can seem to be too difficult to handle. It is really important to realize that they are simply feelings that come and go at a whim. They themselves cannot hurt but we do need to learn how to react to them wisely.

Sometimes emotions can actually be part of a circumstance that I have not chosen. They just “are.” I did not “choose” to wake up feeling “black” or “blah.” Am I going to choose to be a victim to this “emotional circumstance” or am I going to choose to live my day in Christ in spite of the circumstance? A good question. Doing something completely different to what your emotion is trying to say is a good choice. Find someone in need of help or cheering up could be exactly what you need to do at this time. Maybe this is what being an “overcomer,” as is found in the Bible, can sometimes mean.

1. I like to face what I am feeling.
2. I bring this to God and put my feeling under his control and ask Him to help me think correctly. The Word of God is good here or asking a trusted friend, who knows the Word.
3. Thinking correctly is so important in placing emotions in their rightful place. Sometimes our emotions are very exaggerated for what the circumstance warrants.
4. Sometimes I stop and simply ask God what He wants me to know in the midst of my struggle.
5. Worship music can sometimes help
6. Reading a Psalm out loud. Or expressing myself out loud to God.
7. Calling a trusted person to pray with and ask if I am responding wisely to a specific circumstance.
8. Sometimes a surrender to a specific feeling ( I am simply just feeling sad today, Lord) and just moment by moment live in Him and try not to worry. A deep acceptance of the present moment in Christ. He is still there.
9. Have a plan not to turn to my addictive behavior when I feel sad or joyful….do something different and escape to God ….not to anything else. If this is too difficult get help……do NOT isolate. Know what to do when it hits you hard.
10. Learn to be consistent in handling my emotions so they do not get out of control.

It is sometimes not easy, but keep on going!

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