English from the Comfort of your Home

Childress Online English started in 2009 to teach English via Skype. Grab a cup of coffee and come and sit with us for a few minutes and practice your English. We have had customers from Brazil, Spain, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, China, and USA. We offer a unique mix of British and US English.

We love to see people grow in their English communication. English is a vital language in the business world as well as for the tourist.

We offer many kinds of lessons, from simple conversation to TOEFL exam preparation. We have also taught children through pictures and repetition.

Sally is a fully qualified teacher with Tefl qualifications and many years of teaching experience, including a BA in music and MA in Biblical Counseling and Women’s Studies. John has worked in the telecommunication industry for many years and knows the technical language of the business world. He is an expert in phones and computers.

Now for the topic of payment: This is done through paypal.

Cost: For one conversation lesson for 30 minutes: $10 (10 Euros)

For one grammar lesson for 30 minutes: $12:50 (12:50 Euros)

For one business lesson for 30 minutes with technical language and skills such as writing letters/e-mails and phone conversations: $12:50 (12:50 Euros)

For exam preparation for 30 minutes: $15:00 (15:00 Euros)

We can work out with you a special package for more than 10 lessons at a time.

All lessons include homework if desired and we will reply to any e-mail questions that you may have in between lessons.

CONTACT: childressonlineenglish@gmail.com


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