Europe 2013: Hope to link with ASLAN ministry in London.

On 31st August we go to the All Soul’s Clubhouse, London UK, and meet the team members of Aslan and the homeless they minister to.

They are looking to establish more work for addictive behaviors with their “clients” knowing that homelessness and addictive behaviors often are very closely linked.

The leaders are looking for a Christ-centered resource, recognizing that He is the everlasting, eternal hope for anyone truly wanting to be free.

They have asked us to visit their work, we have already had much e-mail contact and a Skype call.  They are also reading John’s book.  They are also very interested in our Seminar work, potentially doing this in January.  This is also encouraging us to put together some further resources for a longer-term “recovery” journey.  John has been visiting Celebrate Recovery, another church’s biblically based program,  as well as his extensive experience with AA.

Please pray for us and this mission as we seek to follow God in this.


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