Please pray for Europe as only about 1% are truly living out a personal faith in Jesus Christ.  We have a longing to go to Europe to share our ministry, to enter into dialogue with those who desperately need Christ.  We have a ministry that is focusing on addictive behaviors and personal choice.  I, Sally, met many people in Germany who were struggling with one addictive behavior or another. I remember the homeless young man in the underground with sores all over his body.  The crowds outside the station, young people, smelling the pungent smell of nicotine, alcohol and other drugs.  I also met a young woman entrapped in a debilitating struggle with bulimia.  Here is a site for facts about Germany and drug use.

Please share our website with your friends and help us promote our ministry and also pray for the funding needed for us to do the ministry God has called us to.  We need about 20 more partners willing to give $100 a month to be able to begin to consider more travel.  In all, to truly function with all costs met for ministry and living we need 40 such partners.  God is able to meet all our needs and is doing so.  As our friends please pray!

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