First Days in Europe


John and I set off bright and early Sunday morning to LAX airport anticipating a very long day. I was relying on God pretty heavily because my back had ben playing up all week and I had wondered how on earth I was going to be able to carry bags etc (for a 6 month trip). I was totally able to do all I needed to do. In fact the pain had been a blessing in disguise because it helped me really be able to choose the least amount of clothing that I could possibly get away with, and keep the luggage as light as I could.

Just prior to leaving God truly blessed me with this wonderful Ipad through some really dear friends of ours. Pray for Ken and Vicki as they are going through some tough times at the moment. We love them dearly. John was deeply blessed with a Martin bass, again helped by another dear friend of ours. Thank you so much!! One concern we had was how to take the bass with us. Wow the stewards allowed us to take the guitar on board with us and we had no problems whatsoever. This was a real answer to prayer.

All connections were met, even with a radar outage just before we were going to land in JFK. John ate a wonderful looking piece of New York pizza ( I regretted at this point having a dairy issue). I went for Chinese. Choices Choices Choices. We saw a wonderful sunrise ( see above). A great morning gift!!

After a taxi ride through London, and over the Thames we landed in Bromley at my brother, Christoper’s home. It is great to reconnect with my nephews and niece, together with my wonderful sister -in-law. We have one more day here, before moving on to France, Belgium and Luxemburg. Please lift up my family in prayer, for fun times but also that God would lead every conversation in Him: For courage and sensitivity in the Holy Spirit and we embark on this adventure. Please begin to pray for our meeting with ASLAN at the end of this month, a homeless and addiction ministry, also that God would lead us to the contacts He desires us to have as we connect with people here.

He has already led us to a potential connection in Australia, through a lady we met yesterday, Judy, who shared about the very damaging affect of drug use among the Aborigine peoples.

Blessings for now and I will update as much as I can. The next two weeks will be fairly quiet as we go on vacation with my family in Switzerland. Pray for God’s guidance even in this, that we would be continually listening to His still voice.

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2 Responses to First Days in Europe

  1. Marcy Schönke says:

    Dear Sally and John,
    It’s encouraging to read that the trip to Europe went well. We are looking forward to seeing you here in Hamburg!

  2. Judy Frederick says:

    Have a safe trip
    Love ya
    Grace & peace

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