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Today we invite back guest blogger, Sheryl Emra:

Hebrews 12:2  “Fixing our (spiritual) eyes on Jesus”  Hebrews 12:2

It sounds so easy.
I have heard it said it should be like breathing in and out.
Yet it feels like I should drive with my eyes closed.
How can I “fix my eyes on Jesus” and focus on the simple tasks of my everyday life?
David Takle says in his book “Whispers of my Abba”  “In order to do that effectively, we must first recognize that God is right here with us and in us.”
As I ponder that thought and the Scripture  – I am challenged to choose to act on my belief in what Jesus came and died for – so I could connect with the God of the universe and have a personal relationship with Him.  Sounds simple enough – but do I really believe it and act on it?
I know when I do I respond differently to even the simple duties of life.  I have a joy, contentment and peace in my inner-most being while I go through the simplest tasks and deal with the mundane circumstances of my daily life.  It just takes practice.
What choice are you making in your everyday circumstances of life?  Can you focus your spiritual eyes on Jesus?
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