From Bright Lights of Atlanta to Fear in Wilmington

John and I arrived in Wilmington on June 8, after spending the night in Atlanta.

Atlanta Live was a brand new experience for both of us.  John did an excellent job of sharing his heart and story under the bright lights for the first time.  We will be getting the segment he was in and putting it on the website and You-tube as soon as we can.

dominosIn Wilmington, we are staying with some wonderful servants of God and enjoying their great hospitality, playing “chicken -feet” dominoes most evenings.

We have presented many times; from testimonies and our seminar at Calvary Baptist, I was able to share with the ladies last Monday, we went to Burgaw last week for a Wednesday evening and we are still catching up with friends and having individual meetings.

One of the challenging, heart -wrenching and at the same time moving experiences we have on the road is meeting people with unbelievably tough stories.

fearThere is a lady I want you to lift up in prayer:  She lives in real fear,  someone in her life has threatened to kill her, she is trapped in a cycle of fear because from her childhood she has lived in fear of practically every man in her life.  Trust is a huge factor.  She has reached out to a local church and has chosen to give her life to Christ.  She does not know what it means to live without fear.

“Abba, please reach out into this lady’s life and exchange this fear for a  tangible sense of Your presence, a joy that overtakes all else. Keep her safe and protected in Your loving arms and teach her how to stop those nagging, insistent fearful thoughts with the Truth of Your Word. “

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