From Sonora, back to Elk Grove and on to Zillah WA.

Today John and I find ourselves sitting in the 5th Wheel of our colleagues and friends, John and Sheryl Emra, directors of Life is Full of Choices. We are all in Zillah, WA, having finished a seminar on cornerstones and core needs of children (we participated and the Emras led). It is good to be here. We all watched God at work in the lives of parents and grandparents in their struggle to bring up children in a godly and healthy way.

Last week we met with other fellow Christians struggling to grow through their fight with addictions and the consequences of bad choices in their lives. We had the privilege of sharing a brief moment of their lives in two Bible studies and a Sunday morning service. Please pray for Jamestown Christian Fellowship.

Between these two experiences we had a blessed time in Elk Grove with friends and partners. We are thankful to God that He has provided some new partners to share in this ministry. Your prayers in this regard are very valuable and essential to our journey.

This week, as God leads, please pray for the two German pastors, Lars and Veiko that they will have a good school year: that God would enable and empower them through His strength and resources to handle the tasks of teaching, leading their families and pastoring. Their heartfelt desire is to lead their fellow countrymen to Christ and see them have this hope in their lives.

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