From the Mountain-Top

2009_01050926One of the parts of our seminar on Overcoming Addictive Behaviors is learning to see life from the Mountain -Top, from God’s perspective rather than from the entanglement and mud of our own minds. Romans 12: 1,2 has been precious to me since my baptism in 1984.  God is all about transformation and renewal of our minds.  A step toward this is evaluating the daily moment by moment choices we make.  Sometimes this means asking God to help me even be willing to choose to want to do this.

Stop a moment.  Stop the busyness. Sit quietly.  Ask God for His perspective.  What He wants you to know.  Practice doing this throughout the day.  I like to combine this with reading His Word or listening to worship music.  Others ponder a special godly or peaceful place in their lives.

The Life is Full of Choices team was sitting in a staff meeting the other day.  We needed to know what was the best thing to do.  We stopped a moment in the middle of the meeting and asked God what he wanted us to know.  After this moment of stopping all of us had received a different perspective on a topic from the one we had before…we now all had the same perspective!

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