Hail, Tornado Shelter, Wind and Dust!!

Day 2

Today started at around 7000 feet and 34 degrees in Flagstaff!  We had a long day in front of us, with no idea how long this day was going to be.
Just before we left Los Angeles, thanks to a gift card, I was able to get a small 7 inch tablet.  I like the games and language study I have downloaded but also the Bibles and daily reading plan.  Up to now I hadn’t been able to read in the car, at least a normal book, due to car-sickness, but somehow I can read the tablet.  This was a really good bonus for both John and me because truth to tell John does not always like me jabbering on, and I can get my Bible reading in :+)))

However, my most favorite activity is to simply look out of the window and see the landscape, that changed from high desert to more farmland over the course of the day!  May30 018

As we moved from New Mexico into Texas I was tempted to say that there was a whole lot of nothing, yet there was something:  There were ominous black clouds in the distance.

May30 044

May30 049

The first thing that hit us was a small dust cloud that we drove through with no visibility whatsoever!  The wind was so strong that we could not stop to have a proper picnic, out of the question.  John had to really concentrate on the driving as the car wavered from right to left on many occasions.  The concerning thing here was that there was absolutely no way to shelter on this road, flat and open land as far as the eye could see.

We arrived at the hotel in Amarillo ahead of the really dark clouds, which were part of a super cell thunderstorm that eventually made it to the same road we were traveling on.  This storm threatened hail, 3/4 inch upwards and also tornadoes.

Close to 11pm the sirens began to howl and the hotel staff person thumped on every door to get us to shelter.  A few minutes later the hail began. I had never heard hail so loud.  It lasted a good 30 minutes and we were able to find out that a couple of tornadoes had passed through a couple of blocks away but we were safe.  A big sigh of relief…

Looking out of the window, it looked like winter, hail had accumulated everywhere and some the size of a golf ball!  Our truck looked pretty good in the dark!  However in the morning we discovered, along with everyone else, the indentations all over the hood and roof.  John looked at me with a twinkle in his eye, and said, ” Sally, this morning I was talking with a friend and encouraging him to “Count it all Joy!” I have to do the same!!  I could tell it wasn’t easy but I love the fact that he was willing to obey God in this.

May30 056


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