vasquez rocks

Last Friday, John and I spent some needed time alone together at Vasquez Rocks.  I love being in open spaces, experiencing expanse and the beauty of God’s nature.  The patterns in the rocks, the diverse sounds of the birds and the small, scampering camouflaged insects all reflect something of God’s unique creativity.   This is a great place to walk and pray, to have a picnic with a favorite companion and spend time communing with God together.

Today, Monday, John and I drove to San Diego to visit the mental health facility where we presented our seminar nearly two months ago. In spite of arrangements to speak to a group there, we arrived and they were not expecting us.  The lady in charge was on vacation! However, as is so often God’s way, He had another purpose; we chatted to a co-worker who was a Christian.  Debbie shared with us that she believes God has placed her there to influence the clients, many of whom are just one step away from jail. Please pray for her as  she seeks to reach these clients in a secular environment.

Present Thoughts

Just before a long trip, especially one coming up in two weeks, I do feel a little overwhelmed!  It is all those little details….so many of them.  Also, the wondering of what God is going to do, how much I truly need to prepare in advance and what I can simply “flow” with ?  Just thoughts I need to express to God and then rest in Him.  Sometimes easier to say than do.  What does He want me to know?

  • Christ lives in me.
  • He has called us to the path we are on.
  • Therefore he has everything under His control.
  • This is resting, choosing to live in this Truth.



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