I’m Stumped!

A stump might be all that is left!! If God’s seed is there it is worth it!!!


I recently read one of my favorite chapters in the Bible; Isaiah 6. I did my usual thing, asking God to show me what He wanted to show me as I read this chapter. This time instead of the amazing holiness of the throne and Isaiah’s reaction I stopped right at the end of the chapter at the word “stump.”

God is angry. His people have sinned against Him. They have walked away and God starts stripping away until simply a stump is left. The stump is His holy seed.

Sometimes, the only thing that works is for God to strip everything of comfort away. He wants our attention. He wants all of us, even if it means for us to get to rock bottom before He begins to build us up. This might be that a loved one may have to lose everything and end up on the streets before they come to their senses and turn to God, crying for help. Sadly, some might choose to never reach this point. Others may choose to cry out for help before they reach the bottom.

It is difficult and sometimes very discouraging to walk aside those in the midst of addictive behaviors. Sometimes the prayer just has to be, “Lord, take everything away until they are sick of themselves and realize that they need help, most of all Your life.” A brave prayer to pray because the result might be very messy.

A stump might be all that is left!! If God’s seed is there it is worth it!!!

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