Interacting with Messy Lives: Choose to listen.

I see Joy in the middle of the messyness

I see Joy in the middle of the messyness

As soon as John and I mention the work we do in addictions, people start talking!!

They might share that they themselves have struggles, but more often than not they share the devastation and grief that a friend or family member has caused them. They are crying out for a solution, for an answer!

In the last few weeks we have met with an alcoholic, who wants to stop, it hurts his family too much. We saw the pain in the eyes of his wife, the memories and sadness.

A consequence of drug addiction is frequently a grief -filled marriage break-up, just this weekend we met someone on the receiving end of this, not wanting a divorce but the behavior of her addicted, idol worshipping spouse led to this outcome. So sad.

I talked with a friend, who has a son using alcohol to get through life, her passionate question was, “how can I talk with him?” She bought John’s book to try to understand the mindset of an addict, and maybe some tools to help.

John spoke with a heroine addict on Saturday, who had just been thrown out of his home, and whose heart has stopped three times due to his usage!!!

Please pray for these struggling people and their family and friends…
May they find freedom and hope in Christ.
Pray also that we will have Holy Spirit driven words whenever we need them and the courage to listen intently to the stories.

An important equation: Prayer and listening = the beginning of trust-building. I am learning that people will not open up unless they are listened to and sometimes they simply need you to “be there” for a while until they can even begin to open up.

“Be still and know that I am God…”

What a powerful verse. Especially “I am God.”

The lives we meet are so very messy. My life is sometimes messy. Only God knows the whole picture and has the perfect answer. Waiting on Him is vital as we listen to the sometimes incredibly heart-rending stories.

Choose to listen! To God and to others.

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