Jesus the Way and the Process


coffee-cup-120516I am sitting here having breakfast and coffee, checking e-mails and social media. I have just been reading a post written by our good friend, Keith Kettenring, the pastor who officiated at our wedding.

He always makes me think and go deeper:

“Not only is the way provided by Jesus, the way is Jesus. You call yourself a Christian? Jesus is still the way to the Father for you. He doesn’t stop being the way the moment you believe in him and step onto the eternal-life path towards the Father. He is the approach, the method, the means, the road, the direction, and the process to life in the Trinity. As we daily receive and live in the Way/Jesus, we experience participation in the life of God. Knowing Jesus as the Way is not a one-time event but an ongoing experience of discovering who he is and how he permeates our life with his life. ”

John and I are completely committed to helping people start on the road of relationship with Christ.  We share Gospel tracts that make people think about where they are going in life and stress the need for Jesus.

More than this, as Keith shares, we are equally committed to coming alongside others and walking with them as they and we explore the process of a daily walk with Jesus.  He, the Way, and the Process is with us today.

“Lord, what do you want me to know and experience of You today?”

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