The above picture is one of the angles of the farm in Switzerland. My (Sally’s) grandfather was Swiss and from childhood this place was where our family came to enjoy the summer. It has been good to introduce John again to “Jolimont” which means “happy mountain.”

I have had the “enjoyment” of trying to speak French! This has been quite a challenge because I try to form sentences and only German enters my brain. Yesterday I managed a few sentences..an improvement. John has had to have the cultural experience of simply listening and trying to make sense of as much as possible. It is so very easy to take communication for granted!!!

The other day I met my cousin, who came to know Christ 6 months after I did in 1983. He shared some sad news: that Switzerland has the highest suicide rate among the youth in Western Europe. Hope is missing in this beautiful land. However, he also shared and confirmed to us that there is a hunger for something more. The trend is towards smaller communities, house churches, where people can learn to be more “real” and learn how to be “family.”

Next week we meet with Aslan, a work among addicts and the homeless in London.

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