L.I.F.O.C. Europe Trips this year


On the road again!

John and I have been praying for a while about what God would have us do this summer and two trips have slowly grown within us.  

Doors are opening for us to go back East via Dallas and Tennessee.  We are looking forward to being able to see friends, new and old and we are anticipating the joy it will bring to spend time with each one again.  We are truly hoping to be able to share our testimonies, our seminars and share John’s book wherever we can. This is what God has called us to and we are continually watching this ministry evolve as He shows us step by step what to do and more of Himself in the process.

We stepped out in faith this last week and booked a ticket to Europe for 6 months.  Through a gift and the assurance of accommodation throughout this time we were able to come to this moment of choice.

We are in talks with a church in England to come alongside with our work on addictive behaviors and this is a huge start.  We have also reached out to other interested groups.  Nothing definite yet with these others.

We will also be spending about 3 months in Germany.  We will be reaching out to whomever we can, making contacts, sharing our stories.   We will continue with the tract ministry.  John is hoping to go to language school for this time and I am hoping to continue with some of the research component of my PhD studies.  Please pray with us for full funding to come in and that God will continue to put together these trips in his way.

We are excited about this ministry and know that as we journey with our God, He will provide.  Please pray that as He touches people’s hearts to partner with us that they will be obedient and know the joy of participating in the growing of His kingdom.


John and Sally

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