Last Stages of our Summer West Coast Journey

Last time we left you in Zillah, WA. Well, we traveled west through WA, over the mountains and landed in Everette, close to Seattle and spent the next week between Everette and Kingston, via a ferry boat. It was a delightful visit of sharing with family. After Labor day we began to make our way to Spokane, where we were joining John and Sheryl again for another Parenting Seminar and valuable team time discussing Life is Full of Choices (as well as fun time together with some of their special friends). God is good. On our way to Spokane we stayed in a small Bavarian style town, Leavenworth, and our thoughts were immediately taken to Germany. It was so much fun to be surrounded by German-style houses, to delve into sauerkraut and sausage and European chocolate.

One of the most significant times on our journey from Leavenworth to Spokane was to stop on Highway 2 and experience silence. We purposefully stopped the engine, climbed out of the truck and just “listened” to the silence. How often do we get to do this?

We are now in Elk Grove, having spent last weekend in Sonora, sharing with the Jamestown Christian Fellowship. Again we are amazed at God’s grace and working in this small (but constantly growing) fellowship of recovering people, who love Jesus.

We will be at Grace Church, Elk Grove this weekend, again catching up with friends before returning to Los Angeles on the 24th September.

Upcoming projects

1. John is writing a book for Life is Full of Choices on Addictions.
2. We are putting together a seminar on Addictive behavior to share with groups and churches.
3. Sally is going to attempt to finish her next and last class in her PhD.
4. We will be continuing to visit people and doing partnership development in the LA area until God leads us to go on our next journey.

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