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image“The leadership in London has asked us to begin work with A.S.L.A.N. in September and we need your help…”

Please pray:


1. That God would prepare us and the people He desires us to reach.

2. That God would provide all the funding in time for us to leave at the end of July.

3. Needs:

a)funding for John’s visa (about $1000)
b) an apartment in London; there might be a ministry apartment available. That God would open up the home and neighborhood where He has us live.
c) an additional $2000 a month to help match what has already been raised in London.
d) Airflight and start up costs $5000
e) Transport in London is about $1000 a month for a couple, depending on how close to the center we are able to live.
f) bills etc. that need to be settled before we leave.

We are trusting God for all of this in gratitude to what we already have in Him.

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