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On Wednesday, straight after the ceremony, the Life Is Full Of Choices team left for San Diego.  John and I had a 3 hour seminar to present that afternoon to a government facility for mental health in San Diego.  We were presenting a shortened version of our seminar to addicts, who had been mandated by the government to do this program otherwise they were going to jail.  jailOne guy there had the prospect of going to jail for 8 years if he did not finish this program.  The leaders were there and we heard, sadly, that heroine was making a come -back and meth and marijuana were very common.  There were those present who truly desired to change and were hungry for anything we could give them to help make this possible.  Many signed up to buy John’s book: The Addict’s Choices .

There is the possibility for us to go regularly to this facility as there are always new people joining.  It was very well received.  It is also a doorway into the hearts of many people as we continue to connect with them through our website, e-mails and the book.

The next day we went to a marketing seminar with John’s publisher, Glenn Aubrey.  Please pray that we would take the information that God would like us to implement and run with this.

All of the book publishing funds have come out of our own funding. We need to sell books to be able to buy more. We believe in the message of the book and we desire for God to put this book into the hands of all He desires.  We are also patiently waiting for the final stages to be completed and for that first copy to be placed in John’s hands.  It has taken longer than we expected. It is going to press very soon.

We are also raising funds for a salary so we can continue this work. We are hoping to visit our friends on the East coast and would love to present our seminar there later this year.  We are also looking to go to Europe for a few months and we are beginning to see the possibilities in that.  Please pray for God’s direction in all of this.

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