Life in London

This post is for our friends back in the States, wishing all of you a very Blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas Season.
Life has radically changed for us in respect to geography and how our days are structured but God is still the same, ever present, challenging growth and about His business of love in this beautiful yet at times very painful world.
We are living in a completely different and fast moving weather system. After a longish summer we are now into the sometimes crispy but mostly grey winter days. It drizzles a lot. But we don’t mind. Air conditioning and hot humidity is a thing of the past (thinking of our Southern friends).
We spend much of the week on foot, some weeks walking as much as 30 miles. We have been given a gift of a tiny car, a Nissan Micra to travel locally but not into London. Oh no, not with a daily congestion charge of 11.50 pounds (except on Sundays) parking, one way streets and back too back traffic. We love the bus and train, thoroughly enjoying the history even of the train stations themselves, the local shops, some quirky and quaint as we walk past, let alone the famous stuff like Trafalgar Square, Big Ben etc.
The joys of the week are really when someone calls us, a vulnerable person, who trusts us enough to invite us into their life, a lonely individual who we share Jesus with, the ministry on Saturdays, deep sharing, maybe for the first time for some, then there is the volunteer who invites us over, together with hurting friends, and worship, lunch on Sunday. It is very busy and alive. John and I were commenting the other day that we have been able to share Jesus so often here. The doors have been opening.
I have been thinking much about the subject of joy recently and realizing that joy is linked very much with relationship, a relationship with a living God, also our relationship with the people in our lives, especially if there is the freedom and intimacy of Christ flowing in and through that relationship. From this surely comes the depth of contentment in life, whatever the circumstances, not always happy happy but something far more, far deeper and abiding. See Philippians and the letters of Paul as you immerse yourself in the depth and layers of His teaching.

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  1. Sheryl Emra says:

    I agree with you. Joy is about relationship. Relationships can be messy and down right difficult. I am praying for you and John as you minister to everyone you meet.

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