Living with Others…

20130920-093459.jpgJohn and I have been living with others for the best part of the last year.  We have had the opportunity and blessing to live alongside people in a variety of situations.  We have stayed in a Victorian home with 8 bedrooms and also a trailer, with one bedroom, a dog and its owner.  We have stayed with English, American and Polish/German families, with missionaries, with dogs and children. Each time we have had to learn a new system, how another “ticks,” how the family works!!  Sometimes it is a question of simply coming through the front door and making ourselves at home, and sometimes the hosts want to do everything for us.  We have had to learn how to quickly adapt to new situations.  We have had language challenges, travel challenges, and food challenges.  Routines are hard to set up on the road; rules and habits are consistently changing.  

Things that come to light:

1. Thought I was flexible but realized that I have so much more to learn.  

2. I have realized that I do enjoy being alone, when I am constantly with someone else.

3. Still struggling with quiet times with my Savior when people are constantly around and even more significant, my brain will not slow down.

4. Irritations and frustrations are just underneath the surface and can easily be triggered.  

I have many choices to make and one is an extremely significant one:

I cannot live this life alone…I do not mean my husband, although I love him dearly. He cannot meet all my needs and I cannot expect him to.  I need to choose each day to hand my life over to my Savior and walk in Him.  It might mean that I do not have the luxury of a long time alone.  It may mean simply taking a few seconds to give something over into His loving care.  This I may need to do throughout the day, many times.

Someone recently shared that he had to learn to say “Yes” or “Ja” to God each day and in every circumstance.  He and his wife have had many years taking care of an extremely mentally and physically challenged young man.  They know what they are talking about.     


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