London: Our New Destination

We have accepted an opportunity to work in London!

Nearly three weeks after we arrived in Europe something happened that we had not in our wildest dreams expected.
We were sitting in this very garden, where you now see John, listening to someone share her heart for a biblical, Christ-centered recovery ministry in the center of London.  Some of the homeless and vulnerable had been asking for this very thing!
Yes, there are Christians out there on the streets.  There are refugees, people who have fallen inbetween the cracks, and then there are those who will become part of God’s family.  They need people with time to come alongside and build a ministry to compassionately reach out and be Christ’s hands and feet to whomever…
Katie, one of the leaders of ASLAN (All Souls Local Action Network) asked us directly if we would consider coming and heading up such a ministry.  It would mean spending time getting to know the “guests” who are the homeless, the vulnerable, the addicted, and the volunteers who come to help, some who may not be Christian yet. It would mean running a recovery ministry of group work and even biblical counsel as needed.  It would mean training others to do the same.
We have not forgotten Hamburg! Sally is considering, as God leads, regularly spending a few days to encourage the women in discipleship and outreach…conceivably once a month.  It is only an hours flight with direct transport. The Hamburg church is excited to be a part of this by seeing the potential for mission groups to take part in the London work.  The leadership in Hamburg see this opportunity as our gaining valuable experience.  Maybe even to bring this over to Hamburg one day to start our own work here. There is also the language: John is learning German but it will take quite a while, even a few years to be totally comfortable and in London this problem is taken away.
We came over here to find out where God would truly have us be.  He answered us very quickly.  So we have decided to return to the States in November, to continue support raising.  The work in London is looking into housing for us, start-up and other costs.  We will return as soon as all this comes together.
Please pray for opportunities to speak in many churches and groups; that God will truly open the hearts to pray for and financially support LIFOC europe going to London.  Just to give you an idea of costs: we will need 1000 dollars a month just to travel around London on public transport.  We worked that out ourselves just be being there, then met another missionary who said exactly the same!!!!
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