We have been sharing about a new work in London and because we don’t have the luxury of talking to each one of you face to face, this is an attempt to share more about the ministry in more detail.

To begin with it is so important to share that Europe is a vital mission field and our hearts have been there for a long time. We are and have been willing to go wherever God leads. There has been a desire to work alongside a work in Hamburg for some time and just because God has opened a door to London it does not mean that we have forgotten Hamburg, another major city in Europe. In fact, there has been some talk of sending people over to London for missions training in the very work we are doing ( how exciting) and it would be such a privilege to be involved in such training, Also, with only a short flight from London to Hamburg there has been more talk of me (Sally) coming over to share and encourage the women (another very exciting prospect).

Now to our work in London:

1. We will be working with A.S.L.A.N. (All Souls Local Action Network).
2. A.S.L.A.N. is a ministry of All Souls Church in the city of Westminster, London.
3. A.S.L.A.N.’s mission is to manifest God’s love for homeless and vulnerably housed people.
4. A.S.L.A.N. is based in The Clubhouse, one of All Soul’s buildings, where AA and GA (Gambler’s Anon) meetings are also held.
5. There has been an increased sense of need in the homeless and vulnerable community of London: the need to deal with addictions. In fact, there has been concern expressed that addictions (especially gambling and internet) is on the increase and it is something that needs to be addressed in the churches. One Baptist minister, who attended our seminar, asked how this could be addressed in his church.
6. We will be establishing a biblically based, Christ-centered Recovery ministry to run alongside all the other ministries of A.S.L.A.N.

In our next BLOG I will share more about the journey of a homeless person, who comes into contact with A.S.L.A.N.


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