Longing for a Slower Pace of Life

Slowing down is something that many of us long for but so hard to achieve…image

Did the writer who penned, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, “Be still and know that I am God,” know that this life in the 21st Century was going to be so very fast or was this verse in the Psalms penned because our natural nature is to do everything we can to avoid being still? To really seek God, listen to Him and get to know Him we truly do need to slow down and embrace stillness in our life. It doesn’t matter in which century we were born. Our basic nature is to avoid God and not take the time to get to really know Him.

What choices do we need to start making to allow the quality of being still into our daily life? It doesn’t have to be hours. Sometimes it is simply a matter of awareness, stopping for a few minutes here and there throughout the day to meditate on our Saviour and His Word. Especially on a very busy day where extended time is not an option.

Yesterday I met a missionary friend of mine over lunch and the cafe became a place of prayer and fellowship. It was a noisy environment but my heart grew still in spite of the bustle around us. She witnessed to me her life of prayer in spite of, and maybe even because of, her presently busy and overwhelmed life, dealing with the care and logistics of three elderly parents.

Lord, I truly want to know You and not allow this life to get so fast, attractive or busy that I avoid being still. Teach me to be creative and determined in finding this time of quiet with You. I surrender my time to You because it is not simply a good idea, a healthy idea or even a holy idea…it is something that You call me too. It is part of a willing walk of obedience to my precious Savior.

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