Meet Mr. T.


For the needy shall not always be forgotten, and the hope of the poor shall not perish forever. Psalm 9:18.

Let me introduce you to someone we met recently. He would be a perfect candidate for our new ministry; as a guest and a potential leader.
Mr. T. grew up in an Eastern country; middle class family, educated and fell into heroine as a teenager under peer pressure. He didn’t notice problems until his mother confronted him and then tried to come off the drug, as he puts it, “turkey.” He couldn’t keep going and so simply gave up and went back on the drug. After a couple of times in rehab he had the opportunity to leave His home country. Now the story turns fascinating; he traveled to France by means of Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria and through on to France, where he met people involved in immigration trafficking. He worked with them for a while before finding himself on a container. He ended up in England, paperless and without a home, where he has lived, on the streets for the past 13 years. He has been clean for a while and God has been pursuing him for a while. He had no real interest, in spite of some Christian witness in India. What broke his will, in this respect, was witnessing volunteers willing to clean toilets after a large homeless event. He just thought there must be a God if people, willingly sacrifice themselves to do this.

Mr. T. started to sleep on the church steps and then began to attend church services, where he started to grow as a Christian.

Mr. T. wants to be involved in the Recovery Ministry. He really wants to reach out to others. One major prayer request for him is that he can find a Christian home in London. He has no recourse to public funding.

A couple of people in our new ministry have befriended him and he is well respected and trusted.

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