Mr K. in London

Mr. K. spent Thursday night trying to keep safe behind some recycling bins. At least this gave some protection against the wind and the rain. Was a bit of a rough night, a cold wind and sleet still managed to find its way through behind the bin!

Mr.K. was wakened the next morning around 6am by a friendly voice offering tea and a sandwich, the tea run was here. He was very grateful.

After a few visits and many cups of tea, Mr. K decided to visit the Webber Center run by The London City Mission where he could get a shower and clean clothes. He met some volunteers from All Souls, who made him feel welcome, and who wanted to hear his story.

He built some relationships and one day one of the volunteers gave him an invitation to an entertainment night at The Clubhouse. He was thankful and also a little curious.

He decided to turn up and he enjoyed the meal and met some people from All Souls who shared Jesus with him and a couple who shared about their journey with addictions, the very thing that had sent Mr K to his homeless state. The leaders told Mr K about AA and invited him to attend the group.

It was nearing the end of November and one day at the Webber center he was referred to a place where he could be referred to the Winter Shelter at The Clubhouse.

In December he started to go to the Winter Shelter at the Clubhouse once a week and met the same people who had shared Jesus with him. He realized that He was his only hope and he asked if there was a Christian AA and Bible Study he could attend……

This could be the journey of a homeless person in London coming in contact with A.S.L.A.N.

At the moment there is no official Christian Recovery ministry at The Clubhouse but they have asked us to fill in the gap and begin this vital ministry. We are so very excited and grateful that God has called us to this ministry.

In fact the minister in charge would like All Souls to be a training center and resource for UK Bible based, Christ-centered Recovery ministries.

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