New Happenings

  • This is a short post to simply update you all on what is happening and ask you all to pray:

J&S1We are working on sharing our testimonies, presenting seminars and  promoting the book in England and Germany from September 2013 January 2014.

We are also working on a trip with the same purpose, and be present at a special wedding, on the East Coast in June.

We have opportunities to share with a couple of Celebrate Recovery groups, a church in Passadena, and be a part of a Missions Fair for the Vineyard Conference.

The book is just about to be published, a journey of patience, but we know it will soon be in our hands.  Please pray that God will place the book in the hands of many people who need the message of hope in the midst of all kinds of struggles.

We are on deputation as we are working.  We are still needing to raise a salary to continue to do this work.  We are living on barely $1000 a month at the moment……that in itself is a miracle especially in California.

We are truly excited about God’s working in our lives and are greatly encouraged and humbled by those, who have been helped through our ministry.  Praise to our Lord!!!


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