Oh dear, I did it again!

I have a wonderful husband. I wish I could be a wonderful wife, but I have to confess that John cannot remotely call me wonderful especially before that first cup of java in the morning. I just talk too much and he needs more time…..image

This morning I unwisely tackled a touchy subject before John had even really opened his eyes and definitely needed that first caffeine sip!

Not a good choice!

Anyway, John very quickly made the choice to turn to God and somehow God gave me the grace to do the same and the situation was diffused.

A good choice!

This morning as I prayed and chatted to God (I suppose chatting is praying) I realized in a much deeper way that God created my husband His image and that I need to respect him not only as my husband but also because God, Himself, the Creator of the universe created John.

Now, what am I going to do with this….what different choices am I going to make in the light of this?

Maybe I won’t tackle touchy issues before that first cuppa in the morning.

A good choice!

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